Jyotish: Planets in the First House of the Horoscope

Jyotish: Planets in the First House of the Horoscope

Continuing to describe the 1st house of the horoscope in Vedic astrology, we will talk about how the planets manifest in it.

If in 1st house of the horoscope there is the Sun or the owner of house 1 - the Sun gets, means the Sun controls this person, character of this person, and in its character the solar energy will be as much as possible shown.

The Sun is a king, a very status planet, which gives a personal charisma, grandeur, royalty. The man is endowed with a straight posture, tall stature, slender physique, a proud confident look, which looks rather from top to bottom.

The sun in the 1st house also gives strong immunity, very strong resistance to all diseases, including psychological.

This is a person who takes responsibility, ready to lead people, to achieve something in this world, to set ambitious goals and achieve them, these are the people who always gather around them a crowd of fans and helpers.

The more such a person invests in his community, which he owns, in those people around him, the more there is a return, the more this person grows as a person.

The sun in 1st house or the owner of 1st house - the Sun will give a person some very important positions, a good career and social status, social success.

In addition, the Sun symbolizes the father, and such a person will have a strong connection with the father, we can say that the father "forged", influenced the formation of the personality of this person with all his strength and authority.

The Moon in 1st house or the moon - the owner of 1st house - is a "mother" in the global sense of the: word, not one who cares only for their children, but one who should not have other people's children, who came to this world to help many: to care for, support, feed.

This person is a born psychologist, he reads other people perfectly, understands them perfectly, and this knowledge of psychology and other people's feelings is given to him not from books, but from nature.

She has the skills to resolve conflicts and "sharp corners" by nature.

But she can also be a mentally unstable person, have many experiences, unstable psyche.

The moon is a moving planet and when it is in 1st house, a person's thoughts can "jump" one after another, he likes to worry about everything and everyone, especially for his family.

This person will have a strong connection with his mother (the moon is a symbol of his mother), he will love his mother very much (unless, of course, the moon is not damaged) and she will have a very strong mental contact with her.

It is very good for such people to meet with their mother as often as possible, to communicate, to interact, to support their mother, to take care of her in old age.

If the Moon in 1st house is damaged, then the person needs to heal first of all relations with mum, and then already to go to work out of emotional traumas.

The moon will also give a person a lot of travel, love and passion for travel, so such a person is recommended to travel a lot to pump his 1st house.

Such people are harmonized with the interaction with water, such a person can’t drink alcohol, various stimulants, energy, including coffee, which changes the state of water balance in the body.

The moon is responsible for water in the body, so an imbalance with the moon can cause swelling in humans, a violation of its water balance.

Mercury in 1st house or the owner of 1st house will give a person-communicator, a speaker who needs constant movement, movement, he needs all the time some environment where he can communicate, communicate, meet, say something, convey something.

These people are lifelong students, but they must pass on their knowledge to others. That is, they are both students and teachers at the same time.

These people can have many friends, can be great businessmen, work with numbers, with papers.

The status of these people depends on the quality of their friends, because they are very determined by their friends, friends create them, they need to consciously choose their friends according to the level of consciousness to which they aspire. That's why the saying, "Tell me who your friend is and I'll tell you who you are" is just about them.

Mercury can give work in the field of communication and the media, it can also be actors, people who are reincarnated, because Mercury easily changes roles, changes faces, masks, very easily adapts to all circumstances.

Mercury in the 1st house is a sign of a smart, talkative, cheerful person. It gives a person a good analytical mind, intelligence, education, knowledge of foreign languages, and knowledge in many areas. It also gives the speed of movement and motility of the body, the behavior may look a little restless, there is talkativeness, originality and eloquence. It is necessary to use Mercury on the full program in communication: oral, written language (stories, writing). Mercury is a very fast planet, so a person needs movement, travel to pump 1st house.

If Mercury is damaged, then a person will have problems with friends, communication problems, problems with oral and written language, it will be difficult to learn and his memory will be bad, logical thinking will suffer.

Mars in 1st house or having 1st house ("evil" planet, malefic) damages it, the person becomes impulsive, aggressive, it has a lot of fire, passion, desire to be the first, to win, to suppress others.

In order to win, such people need competition. Therefore, this person invents competitions with anyone on an equal footing, even with friends and family, he starts these competitions to prove that I am the main one, I am more important, smarter, stronger.

It is very important for such people to win, so it is very good for these people to do sports to prove their importance there, and to come home tired so that neither relatives nor loved ones hone their skills of victory.

Mars is responsible for strategy, it is the warrior who calculates the course of events for his "army". The main thing is to learn to use these features in the right direction. From these people come wonderful builders, restaurateurs, cooks, surgeons, as well as professions that are associated with fire.

If Mars is positive, these people are great bosses, leaders who know how to inspire, guide and empower their entire team. And if the Martian traits are negative, then at the expense of others they will go head to head, raise their status and rise, undermining themselves, humiliating and insulting others and thus gaining enemies.

Mars in the 1st house will defend itself everywhere, everywhere want to show itself, present and make everyone obey themselves. These people will have scars on their faces and heads.

And Mars gives strength, resistance to the body, it defeats all diseases. If it is damaged, it can give diseases of the blood or genitourinary system.

Venus in 1st house or owns 1st house - it's good for women, because Venus - is a karaka of femininity, it gives the external beauty and charm, softness, grace, desire to enjoy.

A woman with Venus in the 1st house will please everyone around with her appearance, unless, of course, Venus is damaged and there are no other planets that will determine Venus. Venus gives external beauty, sexuality, tenderness. This is a very creative person, capable of different types of creativity, it can be plastic, graceful in movement, aesthetic in clothing, in appearance, in food, there will be aesthetics in everything.

It is very important for such a person to attend art events: theaters, art galleries, she herself has such creative talents, she herself is able to create, bring beauty to this world, and the purpose of this person is very much related to some arts, beauty and creativity.

If Venus is damaged, then there may be some disharmony, asymmetry in appearance, ugliness, inability to express themselves, know and understand their talents and abilities, which can give a personal insecurity.

Men, if Venus in 1st house is damaged, may have problems in the sexual sphere with potency and ejaculation, because Venus "Shukra" in Sanskrit has one of the meanings - family. Women damaged Venus in 1 house can also give problems in the sexual and urogenital spheres.

Jupiter in 1st house or owning 1st house can give a fat person, because Jupiter is a planet of expansion, and very often it gives people overweight. Jupiter is responsible for adipose tissue, and if a person is not in harmony with himself, if it is not realized according to the Jupiter signs (karakatvas), Jupiter will be realized through volume.

Jupiter is a planet of deep spiritual knowledge, it is a planet of teachers, mentors, gurus of different levels: from educators in kindergarten to great gurus and masters.

When the planet of spiritual knowledge comes to the 1st house or owns the 1st house, the person should be connected with this spirituality, should transfer knowledge, teach, transmit wisdom to this world.

The man with Jupiter in the 1st house came to bring here knowledge, wisdom, laws of morality. If it doesn't, it grows in size.

Jupiter is still a karaka of children and this person can be connected with children, with pupils, his personality can develop through pupils and children, they influence its formation and realization.

If Jupiter in the 1st house is damaged, the person will have diseases associated with adipose tissue: obesity or, conversely, anorexia. There may also be liver problems, diabetes.

Jupiter is another crumb of money, it can give wealth, it is the most auspicious planet in our horoscope and when it comes to 1st house, this person can become very influential, status and significant. She can be a rich person or endowed with power. Jupiter's power is about wisdom, about human rights, about protecting rights and laws, giving people various benefits.

These descriptions are general and the manifestations of these planets in each horoscope will depend on the interaction and conditionality of these planets with others, on what zodiac signs they stand in and what houses they are associated with.

When Saturn (malefic, "evil" planet) falls into 1st house, it damages it.

Saturn gives difficult childbirth, difficult childhood and adolescence, it is difficult for this person in the first years of life to show itself. She has many obstacles, obstacles in life, all the time everything is delayed. This person must make himself, go through all these difficulties and obstacles, overcome them. Overcoming is the norm of her life. Saturn gives a delay in time for the realization of man, his success is postponed to the second half of life. After 40 years, a person becomes much easier, he becomes wiser, patience and awareness come to him. With Saturn in 1st house a person needs to work a lot, you need to be a workaholic, while maintaining a balance between work and rest.

It is necessary to produce patience, optimism and a certain asceticism: a person must limit himself in certain things, in order to make himself, he needs to cut himself in something, to educate himself.

She definitely needs to make plans and follow them, achieve and implement certain goals. She needs to be responsible for her words, not to make empty promises.

If Saturn in the map is retrograde, he may be overly meticulous, everything should be just so and no more. Such people can often take on too much, they are sure that no one will do better than them. And so they will do everything for everyone, because no one can do better. This is wrong, you need to learn to delegate authority and use support.

Saturn is a planet of maximum achievements, and when it comes to 1st house or owns 1st house, this maximum achievement occurs through 1st house, through the study of one's own self and one's own charisma. But you do not need to pull the blanket only on yourself, such people need helpers and support.

Saturn is detrimental to health, especially in childhood and adolescence there can be health problems. Such a person may be like an "old woman" from childhood: she will ask such questions, and her conclusions, as if she were an old woman and she grumbles, are constantly dissatisfied with something. This is how Saturn is worked out, so that by the age of 40 you can finally come to be wiser and stop grumbling.

But if the ascetic Saturnian energy is used correctly, then it gives a strong, spiritual person who has a lot of endurance and patience who can turn mountains. She works hard and invests and in the second half of life gets maximum achievements, growth and prosperity.

This person's personality is directly related to work and he will evaluate himself by his achievements in his career and work, how far he has advanced in it, what he has been able to achieve. With Saturn in 1st house you need to plan everything clearly, prescribe your daily plans.

Rahu in the astrological chart indicates the karmic tasks of the soul for this incarnation, so if it falls into the 1st house, it makes the 1st house a sphere of karmic tasks and exercises for a person. In this life, such a person will seek to realize himself, assert himself, gain recognition from others and pump his own self.

Rahu in 1st house is a stranger, a lost person. Rahu allegedly blurs a person's head, gives a misunderstanding of himself. This person will seek all his life, to express himself in various roles and incarnations. From Rahu in 1st house it is impossible to be conditioned, to identify with something one, differently this status will be taken away from the person, will be knocked out from under his feet. Such a person will live on a roller coaster: all the time he will be upstairs, downstairs. Therefore, she will constantly change roles, play them, get to know yourself from different angles.

As a child, it can be a little unattractive, when trying to find yourself, can try a bunch of different directions.

The main life question of such a person: "Who am I, what can I do?" The main investment of this person in life should be in his own self, in self-knowledge, in search of his Higher Self.

This person is a traveler, she needs to visit distant lands and foreign countries, she can work with foreigners or in foreign countries.

A person from Rahu in 1st house can be non-standard, have an unconventional view of this life. Such a person is a reformer in life, he must bring reform to this world, something that is not yet used in this society, something non-cultural for example.

Such people can be extravagant on the outside, can be strange and incomprehensible, have a whimsical appearance. If Rahu is manifested in the lower modes of material nature, women may have silicone, unnatural lips, etc. Others may wear non-standard, bright, flashy clothes, have a heavily tattooed body.

A person from Rahu in 1st house has to make his name, he can pump himself to incredible proportions, and because Rahu is a planet of expansion, he can become a big celebrity, get incredible success, using the media, the Internet. The main thing is that Rahu manifests in Sattva guna (guna of goodness), and not in the guna of ignorance of passion in the guna of passion, otherwise there may be a kind of self-destruction. These people should avoid intoxication.

If Rahu is manifested in the highest aspect, it gives a deep insight into the essence of things and an understanding of the psychology of the masses.

People from Rahu in 1st house may be prone to loneliness for life. Such a person is recommended to use different systems of self-knowledge to reveal different aspects of themselves.

When Ketu comes to the 1st house of the horoscope, the person closes. Ketu in 1st house is a sin, which says that 1st house is an already fulfilled sphere in the past life, a person has already happened and been realized here in the past, he already has skills, talents and abilities in 1st house. And all these skills a person must take and bring into the partnership, into the family, into the realm of the 7th house, and reveal themselves there, because this is the realm that becomes important for a person in this embodiment. Such a person can be ascetic, secretive, he may have a desire to hide, he may be "invisible, lost" in the crowd, he may not like to speak, he may be public, he may not like big companies. By the sign that will own 1st house, which stands Ketu, we will understand in what area of ​​1 house a person has already been realized in the past.

Ketu in 1st house gives short stature and increases mental sensitivity. Ketu in 1st house can also give poor health, difficult to diagnose and viral diseases (with Rahu this can also be).

This person needs a zone of comfort, silence, peace, to be in your own space.