Jyotish: Houses 4-6 of the Horoscope (Characteristics)

4, 5, 6 Доми гороскопу - Джйотіш

I continue to describe the houses of the horoscope: their characteristics and what they are responsible for and today we will talk about 4th, 5th, 6th houses of the human horoscope.

The 4th house of the horoscope (Sukha bhava)

The 4th house of the horoscope (Sukha bhava) is the house of the mother, the house of relations with the mother, it shows what she is like in a person, how life will turn out for her mother: it will be easy or difficult for her in life, what will be the main character traits activity it can manifest.

Also, the fourth house - an indicator of our real estate, all real estate that we have: houses, apartments, cottages, land and more.

It is also the home of our heart: not only physical, but also spiritual, by which we can understand whether a man will be happy in this life, and how much his credit of karma allows him to be happy, how much he can be joyful, sensual, emotional. Because the fourth house is also the house of emotions, as well as the house of one's home. Therefore, he also talks about what relationships, feelings, emotions prevail there, what is happening there: quarrels, conflicts and clarifying the relationship, the struggle: who is who, who is stronger and more important, or is it a sensual, soft relationship filled with love ' yu, care.

If you look at the body, it is the chest, chest organs, lungs, bronchi, heart, trachea, breasts in women and everything in this part of the body.

If there is damage to the 4th house, it can be manifested by diseases of all these organs. There can also be bad relationships with mom and bad family relationships in our home. People who have already healed their relationship with their parents, especially with their mother, have established streams of love, they have the feeling that they are everywhere, like at home everywhere, their relatives and everywhere they are well.

When this house is damaged, then a person can’t be completely happy anywhere, he always thinks about the happiness that is about to come when he builds a house, makes a career, gets a job when he retires ... And all because that here and now the flow of love is blocked in her, and then it is necessary to heal this house.

The house heals as soon as the relationship with the mother is established. When they reach the level of warmth and intimacy, then your heart begins to open, the streams of love open, are restored, and you can be happy.

When you can radiate happiness, you no longer need anyone for it, and addictions, interdependencies disappear, the need to be needed and important, you just become happiness that radiates, that comes from you and then people are attracted to you.

Diseases in this part of the body are also "treated" primarily by healing the relationship with the mother. If the relationship with your mother is not healed, you will not be able to be loved, happy and healthy, your heart will be closed and it will hurt, the soul will always be scratched by cats. There will be dissatisfaction with life, relationships, work, everything in life. To harmonize and heal the fourth house, a psychologist will be useful, who can help open the heart and heal the mother's theme.

In addition, with the healing of 4th houses, the real estate sector is being established. If the fourth house is damaged, there will be real estate problems all the time, or it will not exist at all, or it will be, but it is bad. Real estate in humans can be different, depending on the quality of the planets that are in the fourth house.

The fourth house also marks the public popularity of the horoscope owner.

The fourth house is the house of human psychology as such, and when defeated it can give emotional and mental illness, it is one of the most sensitive houses.

It also symbolizes everything secret and deeply personal.

The Karaka (indicator) of the 4th house is the Moon, partly Venus, partly Mercury and Mars, because Mars is the Karaka of real estate, the Moon is the mother in the horoscope, Mercury is the communications in the house, Venus is the pleasure of life that also characterizes the 4th house.

The fifth house of the horoscope (Putra bhava)

The fifth house of the horoscope (Putra bhava) is the house of children. It shows our children, the ability to give birth to them, how many they can be, the quality of relationships with them, as well as the fate of children: what life they will have: easy and joyful or difficult, what will be your relationship with them.

The fifth house is also the house of credits in the past life, it speaks of what karma we have for this life: good karma, if we did good deeds in the past life, so we deserve karma in this life, which gives us many opportunities: good children, good relationships with children, and gracious procreation.

If in the past life we ​​did not do very good deeds and actions, then in this life we ​​may have problems with children who will "teach" us, help us to reach a new level.

Damaged 5th house in the horoscope - is damaged in the horoscope of a particular person, not her children. This is a person's problem with children, and children may not have problems with it and they may perceive the situation quite differently. But for her, they can be problematic children.

By correcting our attitude towards children, correcting ourselves and our karma, we give our children the credit of merciful karma, we inherit good karma.

The fifth house is also the house of mantras, prayers and piety. Therefore, mantras, prayers, especially for children, yoga, meditation, spiritual practices will heal and pump this house.

When the home is harmonized, relationships with children will be established and children's lives will be much better.

The fifth house is also a house of creativity, higher education, romantic relationships, love affairs, the ability to receive love from her husband.

If the 5th house is damaged, then love may fail, it will cause a person a lot of suffering: it will be thrown all the time, the relationship will be incomplete.

The fifth house shows how much a person is able to give good advice to others, so this house is important for lawyers and politicians, because it is an indicator of the level of development of our intelligence and wisdom. If the fifth house is affected, then a person's judgments are often wrong, and thinking is distorted by emotions.

If you look at the body, the 5th house is the area of ​​the solar plexus and the upper part of the stomach, all the organs of the abdominal cavity, which are above the navel. The fifth house is responsible for digestion in the literal and figurative sense of the word: for how we digest food not only physically but also spiritually, how we "digest" all the events of our lives, how we relate to this life.

The karaka (indicator) of this house is Jupiter because it is the karaka of children in the horoscope.

The sixth house of the horoscope (Shatru bhava)

The sixth house of the horoscope (Shatru bhava) is the house of debts, enemies, diseases, and at the same time the house of service. And if a strong 6th house and strong diseases, debts, enemies, then a person becomes unable to resist, especially if the first house and a strong sixth house are damaged. Then a person's resistance is at a very low level, she will be defeated by her enemies, diseases, it will be difficult in life.

The sixth house is also working insubordination, service work, service, competitiveness, civil service, work as a doctor in the field of health care, work in the police, restaurant business, work in agriculture.

The sixth house affects litigation and a person's ability to win those trials.

In the body, the sixth house of the horoscope is the middle part of the abdomen and the organs located there: the intestines are small and large, everything below the navel, except the reproductive organs. Therefore, if damaged, the sixth house can give diseases in the digestive system.

Harmonization, healing of the sixth house is selfless service and dedication, active help in society, other people, charity. What exactly should we give to this world, will tell the signs and planets that stand in this house, because you can also serve in different ways.

Illness from this house begins when we stop giving, when we stop being "flowing vessels", we do not allow the received energy to circulate through us, we only receive, but we do not give.

When we spend money on good deeds, on something good for society, for those who need help, we free ourselves from debt.

When a person has a strong sixth house, then he came here with this debt, which he must pay to this society. And when we give: to elderly or sick children, and at the same time do not brag, do not tell everyone about it in a row, we earn good karma for health and accumulate good financial karma.

The sixth house shows our ability to work hard to solve serious problems. In addition, this house describes our relationship with foreigners and distant relatives.

Karaka (indicators) of the sixth house are Mars and Saturn. Mars, because it takes strength and energy to overcome enemies, and Saturn, as a karaka work.

Be continued...