Jyotish: Classification of Horoscope Houses by Influence

Jyotish: classification of horoscope houses by influence

Today we will continue to consider the houses of the horoscope and talk about how they are classified and divided.

Thus, the houses of the horoscope are 12 sections of the zodiacal circle according to the number of zodiac signs.

The figure shows the zodiacal circle as it is located in the sky. The zodiacal circle is a celestial sphere divided into 12 equal parts. 360 degrees of the zodiacal circle is divided into 12 houses, 30 degrees for each sign in the house - 1/12 of the entire zodiac.

1st house of the horoscope is the time when a certain zodiac sign rises above the horizon and the sign that stands there is the strongest for a person.

Horoscope houses are counted from the first and further to the left: 2nd houses, 3d houses and so on to 12 houses. However, the signs of the Zodiac and the planets move across the sky in the opposite direction - from left to right: from 1st house to 12th houses, to the 11th, 10th and so on.

1st house is always the East, if you look around the world, where the sun rises. If the Sun is in a person's horoscope in the first house, it means that the person was born in the morning, at dawn. If the Sun is in the 12th house - this is the time of birth somewhere at 8-9 am, the Sun in the 11th house - this is the time of birth at about 10-11 am. The Sun in the 10th house of the horoscope - a person was born around 12:00 and here the Sun will be very strong in the manifested (this is the southern side).

Horoscope - time of day

The sun in the horoscope in the 7th house says that a person was born in the evening, at sunset, when dusk came (in the west, if you look around the world). If the Sun in a person's horoscope is in the 4th house, it means that the person was born at night, around midnight, etc. (this is the north side).

Jyotish horoscope west east north south

Thus, the whole horoscope we can divide into day and night. And depending on the number of locations of the planets in the day or night houses of the horoscope, we can judge what direction and orientation will be a person, where there will be more energy - in the light part or in the dark part.

Horoscope - time of day

If there are more planets in the daytime part of the horoscope, then a person will be actively manifested in social realization. If at night - she tends to family, home realization, her energy is in this area.

When the Sun passes into the 7th house and further, during the sunset, it becomes weak and, accordingly, a person's social activity, manifestation in society fades and it becomes closer to its family hearth, family-conditioned. This person is closer to comfort, warmth, home, family, family members, relationships with them.

And if the Sun is in the day part of the horoscope (for example - in the 10th house), a person will crave social realization, he will be very eager to reach some career heights, to prove something in this world, to be someone for this world, to carry something into the world.

It happens that a woman sits at home, is engaged only in household chores and raising children, and she has a socially-oriented horoscope. Because of this, she will not enjoy life, will be constantly nervous, angry at her children and her husband. And she just needs to go to society, to be realized in it.

Family-oriented people do very well at home, they can then work quietly from their own home and not spend their energy working in a team.

Types of horoscope houses:

Trikona houses

Trikona houses or Lakshmi houses (in honor of Lakshmi, the goddess of happiness) are 1st, 5th and 9th houses, they form an equilateral triangle in the horoscope. If these houses are strong, there will be a lot of goodness in this person's horoscope. The planets that fall into these houses, or that govern these houses, are manifested in their benevolent signs. They are also called trigonal houses. Any planet that falls into these houses is getting stronger and better.

Favorable planets, getting into these houses, work very well, they seem to flourish and become very strong.

The "evil" planets (Saturn, Mars, the Sun, the shadowy sins of Rahu and Ketu) in these houses are improving, becoming more prosperous, but destroying the performance of houses.

Much also depends on the mode of material nature of man and the planets of his horoscope, in particular, the "evil" planets.

At home, they can negatively affect a person's self-esteem and self-perception, his ego. On the 5th house they bring not very good karma from the past life, they will harm relations with children. For the 9th house, they will influence a person's luck, relationship with the father, relationship with the teachers and the guru.

The most favorable of these three houses is the 9th house of the horoscope, the house of our luck. The second most important and strong auspicious house is the 5th house, this is our karma from the past, our social realization, the house of positions. The third most important is the first house of the horoscope, this is our Lagna.

But these three houses do not have a strong impact on our external life. They are just luck and play a more important role in the spiritual sphere, in the formation of our character, in the inner part of our lives. If a person has a lot of goodness, in this life he can easily cope with difficulties, as if he has a blessing from above. Houses 5 and 9 are houses of karma from a past life. If we have good karma, we can cope with any difficulties. We are given a lot of opportunities and support from above.

But the corner houses of the horoscope (the so-called houses of Vishnu or the houses of Kendra) are just the pillars of our lives, they give strength to our zodiac and our lives. These are the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. They are like pillars of our life, like columns on which the whole horoscope is held and if a person has these houses strong, he will pull out any situation, cope with any difficulties, he has strength, the strength of character and support from outside and inside.

Kendra houses

These houses characterize the strength of one's own self, our character, home, the home in which a person lives, his family and mother, which is his support, marriage and relationship with his wife and our social realization.

If these houses are beautiful, then this horoscope becomes very strong, and it happens that in these houses there is no planet and then a person has a very difficult time, and he goes through many difficulties, it is more difficult to achieve something in this life, but it is possibly due to some other indicators.

Evil houses, houses of Dusthana - one of the worst houses of the horoscope: 3d, 6th, 8th and 12th houses. The planet that falls into these houses will spoil its positive features and any planet that owns these houses brings with it negative energy and causes disorders in those areas for which it is responsible.

In the 6th house, the favorable planets deteriorate, and the unfavorable ones, on the contrary, improve, but both of them cause diseases in humans. The negative impact of Dusthan houses decreases in the following order: the strongest Dusthana is 12th houses, followed by 8th, then 6th houses, and the weakest – 3rd houses.

The next group of houses in our horoscope are the houses of Upachaya, also called the houses of growth and improvement, because the planets that stand in these houses are improving and their signs are also improving. The houses of Upachaya include 3d, 6th, 10th and 1th1 houses. One of the indicators of good human karma is that the harmful planets are in these houses, which improves the harmful planets and they become more favorable over time. Pest planets: Saturn and Mars do not create big problems in these houses: on the contrary, they give strength to overcome difficulties.

The managers of the Upachaya houses (except for the 10th) are usually unfavorable and can cause harm, because in this capacity they are too impulsive.

There are also the so-called houses of Maraka: 2th and 7th. Maraka - means the killer or his name - death. The owners of these houses or planets that stand there when the time comes will determine our death.

Also, the time of our death will be determined by the periods or subperiods of the owners of these houses or planets that stand in these houses or transits of the planets, the owners of these houses.

Therefore, when we consider the horoscope for the longevity of its owner, the duration of his life, we need to consider these two houses and which planets own them, which stand there and how they are connected, which have aspects.

Certain combinations in the horoscope: for example, such as the owner of the 1st house of Maraka connected with the owner of another house of Maraka or having an aspect from it, can reduce life expectancy, although it is necessary to consider other indicators of short life to confirm them.

In other cases, Graha, the owner of the house of Maraka, may indicate a serious illness in a person, health problems and an undermining of his vitality.

trikona kendra upachaya maraka houses

Which planets in which houses become stronger or the concept of Digbala (the power of the planets)

In the 1st house: the house of one's own self and human character, Jupiter and Mercury become very strong. When Jupiter or Mercury enter this house, they receive Digbala - extra power from this house, because they are very similar in characteristics.

Man, being under the influence of Jupiter - the planet of spiritual knowledge, becomes wiser, and Mercury also carries knowledge - he is a disciple, and man, as soon as he is born (1st house), learns, learns this world and its secrets.

In the 4th house, the Moon and Venus become strong, because it is in a person's own home, in his family hearth, that they show their strength to the maximum.

In the 7th house, not surprisingly, Digbalа gets the planet Saturn. It would seem that this is an "evil" planet, but in the 7th house it receives Digbala, because Saturn is a planet that is responsible for moral and ethical values, including in relation to the partner.

And when this spiritual power of Saturn is in our relationship, then we can understand and accept each other and then the marriage becomes very long and everyone knows their place in it, working to support the family so that the relationship is correct, harmonious and built on spiritual values.

In the 10th house of Digbalа receive the Sun and Mars. 10th house - it's noon, hot time, in this house a lot of fire and strength, because at noon we are active and doing something. We also have the most energy at noon and therefore the Sun and Mars, which have great energy and strength and are responsible for status and social realization, in the 10th house become very strong.


And if the planets fall into houses opposite in their characteristics, they become, on the contrary, very weak. Jupiter and Mercury weaken in the 7th house, the Sun and Mars become weaker in the 4th house, the Moon and Venus weaken in the 10th house, and Saturn weakens in the 1st house.