Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Retrograde planets in a person's astrological chart speak of his karmic debts.

The retrograde nature of the planet is the apparent illusory motion of the planet relative to the Earth, ostensibly backwards. In fact, all the planets move in their orbit and do not turn anywhere, do not move back, it's just an illusion, visibility, but this illusion has an energy trace.

Just during retrograde, the view from the Earth has such an optical illusion, as if the planet is coming back. Retrograde occurs because the speed of the planets is different and one planet may seem to overtake another, so at some point it seems that the planet that was overtaken is moving backwards because of the difference in speed.

All planets are retrograde, except for luminaries: the Sun and the Moon. The shadow sins of Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde in their movement, they always seem to move in the other direction.

The retrograde planet is an indicator of mature karma, prarabdha-karma, it is an intensification and an indication that it is in these areas that there are debts from past lives that a person will pay in the first place. Therefore, we pay special attention to these planets in the map and we pay even more attention when there is a period or subperiod of the retrograde planet, or a period - the subperiod of the owner of the house in which the retroplanet stands.

During the reverse motion, the retrograde planet intensifies and becomes closer to the Earth and therefore becomes much stronger, shows a negative character and "beats" on cuttlefish (signs) sin, imposing on a person a certain weight, karmic trace, and man needs to learn to interact. with the world in a different way.

For the beneficiaries, retrogradeness is not very good, it beats on their positive features, but malefics, on the contrary, are good at retrogrades, because they weaken and weaken their negative features and manifestations.

In the houses of dusthana ("evil" houses of the horoscope) retrograde planets appear calmer than in the houses of kendra. Also in houses kendra and trikona retrograde malefics become better, although the signs of the houses themselves become worse: they beat on the signs of houses, but the planets themselves become kinder. Retrograde benefits in houses kendra and trikona spoil and become harmful.

When the planets are retrograde, man has to make a double effort to be realized on the features of this planet and he has to do everything with a delay, again, with the strengthening.

Retrograde Mercury Jyotish Vedic astrology

Retrograde Mercury

Mercury is retrograde three to four times a year and the duration of its retrograde period is about 20-24 days.

Mercury is communication, communication, documents, business, it is our language, trade, education, writing, it is our mind and memory. And on all this at retrograde weight and strengthening is imposed. This means that a person from a past life came with spoiled karma on Mercury, on communications. And in this life she has to correct all her past mistakes. It is a debt, so it is born in the family that best meets these characteristics, and it is the vibrations that come to it to close this karmic debt.

If in a past life a person had dirty, angry language, then in this life he will be born in such a family, where such slang is used, because it corresponds to such a family in terms of vibrations, but its task is to get out of these programs, this conditioning and learn to communicate, communicate with people differently.

That is, retrograde is an indication that a person must change in himself. And when she passes this life "exam" - she will succeed in implementation.

During the period of retrograde Mercury three or four times a year there may be delays and delays in all areas for which this sin is responsible: there may be confusion in the papers, loss of letters, some errors in documents, difficulties in processing documents, payment delays, delays, breakdowns transport, disruption and delays in negotiations, difficulties in communication - it is difficult to agree.

During this period, the person will be remembered by everyone to whom she owed, gadgets, computers, office equipment, phones will fail more often, there will be problems with the Internet.

Each person's retroMercury period manifests itself in its own way, looking at how Mercury stands in its horoscope: if it stands well, then perhaps this period will not affect it much, and if bad, it will be severely affected.

In the retrograde period of Mercury's travels, business trips can be futile, empty. There may be obstacles in publishing, in cases related to oral and written language. Mercury is a student and during this period there may also be some difficulties in learning, failure to pass exams, difficult to master the material, logical thinking may suffer, mistakes may be made.

If Mercury in a person's birth chart is retrograde, it means that a person has a lot of knowledge: in a past life she studied a lot, was a student and brought a lot of knowledge with her in this life, but in that life she was not a very good student, not was able to apply knowledge in the right direction, in the mode of goodness and in this life he owns this past knowledge + acquired new knowledge to learn to implement in a positive way, in Sattva mode.

This person must pass on knowledge, and it is his duty to learn. And since she knows many, many things, many things may seem elementary to her, and people who do not know them will seem stupid to him.

And this person will need to learn in this life to understand that all people are different and each has its own task, that each develops in its own way and for each his niche is strong, clear, and the other unbearable, difficult.

A person with retrograde Mercury will often get angry, exalted, she has a proud, sarcastic language, she will try to crush the language, to show that someone else is stupid, stupid. This has a negative effect on all communication, because such people try to avoid, it is not very pleasant to communicate with them, because they are constantly pressured by their knowledge, their supremacy.

Her language can be either a "curse" or a "blessing" if she learns to use her language in the mode of goodness.

Also, retrograde Mercury can give a gossip that chats non-stop, just to talk, it seems scary to shut up. This will drain a lot of energy and then for a person language becomes a "curse".

If these people do not work on themselves, the debt increases over the years. The universe will give them the opportunity to pay this debt. At first, they may come across "dumb" friends so that they can see that they have poison and transform it into themselves. But if they break up with friends, they send someone closer: a husband or wife. If they can't stand it and run away from this relationship, because "stupid, stupid, doesn't understand anything", then they send such children, from whom you can't escape for sure, and they will provoke this retrograde "program" for the rest of their lives, press on painful points that the person corrected and stopped producing anger and rejection. And in the end, if a person does not pass his exam, for the rest of his life he is surrounded on all sides by "stupid, stupid" people in his opinion and full of poison.

This is how the universe works on all retrograde planets.

Therefore, the karmic task for a person with retrograde Mercury is to learn to use their language for good, to learn to communicate in the mode of goodness, to trust people, to be open in communication, to learn to understand and accept other people as they are, to learn to see their soul, their other tasks. and abilities. Because, even someone else does not know something, and it seems elementary to her, she male may not know 3 times more than something else and absolutely do not understand something else.

Also, a person with retro Mercury must learn to be silent at the right time, not to drain his energy into empty chatter. It is very good for such people to keep Mauna for a while - the austerity of silence: do not communicate either by voice or on social networks: say, a few hours a day on Wednesday, because Wednesday is the day of Mercury.

In addition, with retrograde Mercury, a person needs to learn to handle documents correctly, to establish the correct document flow, to calculate correctly, to use numbers in their lives, to learn to think correctly, logically. This feature is very well developed chess game, as well as strategy games.

Retrograde Venus Jyotish Vedic astrology

Retrograde Venus

The period of retrograde Venus occurs every 19 months and the duration of this "reverse" motion of Venus is 40 days.

Venus is responsible for love, for all feelings, for our pleasure, enjoyment, for marital relations, for external beauty, aesthetics and art. Venus is also the karaka (sign) of vehicles, the karaka of all women and wives in a man's horoscope.

And accordingly the retrograde period strikes on Venus and its signs and at the person difficulties in love affairs begin. Her feelings seem to freeze, the relationship is damaged - it all suffers.

During the retrograde Venus it is not recommended to start a new relationship, it is not recommended to go on a first date, to play a wedding. Because the relationship that began during this period will end very quickly, they will be damaged from the beginning.

During this period, it is not recommended to change your image, do any cosmetic surgery, it is not recommended to buy expensive, beautiful things, do medical procedures aimed at appearance, on the aesthetic side, because it can all go sideways.

Precious stones, jewelry, clothes, fashionable things, cars in this period should not be bought, because your tastes will change very soon, the view of these things in this period is a little distorted, and as soon as the retrograde period ends, all these purchases may cease to please, will not cause a feeling of satisfaction.

If a person has a retrograde Venus in the birth chart, then he will have somewhat distorted tastes and preferences. She may have a certain fetishism, be obsessed with some things. For example, a man will need that in the opposite sex, women have some special forms and no and other women will not impress him. The same applies to the fetish of women in relation to men. That is, there is a fixation on some details and these details become very important, almost the most important. A person focuses on the external, on some features that are important only to him and this criterion becomes the highest priority in choosing a partner.

These people have high requirements for a partner, they are very picky in relationships, in communication, in communication. Sometimes, if a person is a little ugly, does not correspond to some features, communication does not get along, they are not interested.

Also, people with retrograde Venus are very fond of some art.

Since Venus is a karaka of sex and sexual relations, there may be some karmic sexual relations and sexual partners, karmic studies of love and love relationships.

If a person's retrograde Venus is not very good in her map, it can hit her love affair, they can be painful, bring more pain than joy.

Often during the retrograde period of Venus, people can return to their former relationship. The partners they have can often be from a past life and this is the initial return to a past relationship, just a person does not remember it. But it can also be a return to a relationship that already existed in this life, a desire to repeat it because there was something unfinished.

A person with a retrograde Venus will be a little obsessed with being attractive to the opposite sex and may have a body cult. Then she goes to the gym, does some cosmetic procedures, closely monitors her diet, just to be in good shape, a good body, to please the opposite sex.

Often they dedicate almost all their lives to this aesthetic, the cult of the body and lose a lot of internal. Therefore, their karmic task is to learn to see the external from the external, to learn to appreciate the spiritual beauty, the spiritual qualities of man, to see the soul.

These people must learn to use their sexual energy in the mode of goodness, must learn to remain faithful to their partner and respect him, to learn to accept people in their imperfection.

Retrograde Mars Jyotish Vedic astrology

Retrograde Mars

The period of retrograde Mars is once every two years lasting 2.5 months.

During this period, conflicts flare up, rise suddenly, as if out of nowhere outdated images, anger, want to clarify the relationship and put an end to it. During this period, a person has a lot of energy, it is literally bursting with this energy and he does not understand, does not know where to take it, how to apply it, and therefore it has chaos inside, fuss. That is why she often directs her outside, because of this people around her and everyone around her often suffer.

In the period of retrograde Mars it is not necessary to begin anything new, as well as in any retrograde, it is better to finish all old. He who initiates something new during this period loses more than he finds. In the war between enemies and competitors, the loser is the one who started it during the retrograde Mars.

During the retrograde Mars, the accident rate increases, the risk of injury, a person can get injuries, cuts, burns, get into an accident.

In the retro period of Mars it is impossible to do planned operations only if it is something urgent, because they may not be very successful.

During this period, a person is depleted of vital forces, the fire does not go there.

In the period of retrograde Mars, old partners appear, but you should not step on the old rake and start anew the relationship that has already ended. It is better not to buy anything mechanical, because everything can break.

If retrograde Mars is in the birth chart of a person, then this person has a lot of fiery energy, it has an explosive nature, can be angry, unable to control their feelings, emotions, anger. And this anger can rise out of nowhere.

He came to life from the beginning with such a slightly distorted fiery energy, because in the past life he could be either a warrior or someone who destroyed many souls, could not control his fiery power, energy.

Therefore, in this life, at first he will have excessive activity, inadequate use of their power, inability to control their emotions. He can have a very passionate and temperamental nature, a lot of sexual energy, can be a lover of extremes: to love, then to hate.

This person may like to suppress others, be harsh, rude and may have many sexual relationships, may be lustful. But there may be another variant of retrograde: there may be suppression of sexual energy, frigidity or impotence.

The karmic task of retrograde Mars is the principle of ahimsa (nonviolence, no harm) in the broadest sense of the word, which translates the energies of Mars into the mode of goodness. After all, you can harm a person not only physically, but also energetically, mentally, verbally.

In the mode of goodness, she will stop suppressing, controlling another person, especially loved ones, will learn to trust and let go of people and will learn to control (but not suppress) his sexual energy, respecting his partner, not betraying him and remaining faithful to him.

At retrograde Mars or Venus it is good to be engaged in pair tantric practices.

Retrograde Jupiter Jyotish Vedic astrology

Retrograde Jupiter

Jupiter is retrograde once a year and the period of retrograde Jupiter, when it moves "back", lasts 4 months.

Jupiter (Guru) embodies spiritual values, wisdom, higher knowledge, knowledge of legality. Jupiter also represents children in the horoscope, our well-being and talks about what our purpose in life is, what is the meaning, what are the values ​​of life.

In the period of retrograde a person may have problems with learning, with his spiritual and life values.

During this period, you can complete interrupted studies, read unread books, finish some things.

During this period you need to make some review of your life, your life values, life landmarks and set some new goals.

This period is well suited for the restoration of social and business projects that are related to the themes of Jupiter: education, legal issues, charity, international relations, any research, issues related to philosophy, religion, spiritual knowledge.

If a person has a retrograde Jupiter in his birth chart, then he can become a fanatic, a fanatical supporter of some one idea, his religion or some of his knowledge, be narrow in his consciousness.

Then for her there is only her, true knowledge, and she does not allow any more other thoughts, judgments, a kind of black and white picture of the world. She has a lot of fears that this is not really the case, so she may be overly omniscient in this area, will suppress and prove that she has the truth, and others - stupid, stupid, stupid creatures, will have an arrogant attitude towards other people, press their knowledge, their authority (similar happens with retrograde Mercury).

It can also be hyper-demanding, very instructive, forcibly "feeding" people with their advice when they are not asked to do so. They may have perfectionism and an understanding of how things should be.

In the map, a woman has a retrograde Jupiter - this will be a sign of an unusual, atypical man, because Jupiter is a man's neck in a woman's horoscope.

Since Jupiter is also a karaka of children, there may also be strange, non-standard children with some non-standard features. These traits can be good and positive, but a person with retrograde Jupiter may not accept them and "beat" on these traits.

This person may have problems with children, because her children are karmic and came from a past life.

The karmic task for a person with retrograde Jupiter in the horoscope is to learn to see depth in other people, to stop demanding the impossible, to learn to accept people as they are.

With retrograde Jupiter, man has great knowledge and he must pass this knowledge. But on one condition: she must pass on her knowledge only at the request of the "student", only when asked, only to those who come to him and turn, not to "do" him good.

With retroJupiter in the map you need to expand your horizons, learn to see the different facets and opposites of the same knowledge, learn tolerance for otherness, strive to expand consciousness.

Since Jupiter is a karaka of children and man, it is necessary to learn to see their inner beauty, inner depth, their hidden talents and abilities, to respect and accept them and not to teach them notations and morals. After all, they are the closest people and will be their first and main examiners in this.

Retrograde Saturn Jyotish Vedic astrology

Retrograde Saturn

The period of retrograde Saturn occurs once a year and lasts for almost 5 months, the longest, because Saturn is the heaviest planet that moves slowly.

Because Saturn is a barrier of obstacles, in the period of Saturn's retrograde it gives delays, disruptions of plans, long delays, when everything is postponed for some time, it takes more time for some ordinary, elementary things that previously took a small amount of time.

During this period, it is recommended to relax and just wait, that everything will happen when it should happen, not to try to solve all the problems at once.

The persistent desire to solve problems will immediately increase their number in direct proportion: the more you put in the effort, the more you stand on your own, the farther from you will be the results.

It is necessary to become a flowing person who trusts the Universe and moves according to the requirements of time, to the requirements of this moment and the situations that arise now.

During this period you need self-discipline and regularity, you need to prescribe everything and move in the right direction with self-discipline.

If Saturn is in a person's birth chart, it will resemble a grandfather who is constantly muttering. She will be an excessive perfectionist, in which everything must be right, will be very demanding, strict, hyper-punctual, and can constantly grumble and show pretension if someone violates this punctuality. This person is constantly faced with some obstacles, the universe sends her those people and those situations where everything goes, not as she planned, where she has to wait and start again, because something does not work out the first time.

If a person is calm about these situations, philosophically, then he passes his tests and exams on retrograde Saturn and copes with karmic debts.

Such a person has karmic tasks: to learn to trust space, people, to stop demanding the unreal, not to grumble, not to control, to allow people to follow their tasks, to learn to feel, and not to follow some rules, dogmas, public opinion.

Retrograde homeowners horoscope

Each planet, which is in a retrograde position, has some houses and these houses become very pronounced in the horoscope, they will have a certain karmic duty and direction.

The owner of 1st house, Lagnesha

It is difficult for a person to reveal himself, to show his talents, he is not self-confident, he needs more time for everything. If she works on herself, she can be very successful.

The owner of 2nd houses

Her parents from a past life, has karmic tasks in front of them, came to fix something. Has some ingrained eating habits and preferences. Speech can be his blessing or curse. Life expectancy is determined.

The owner of 3th houses

Karmic relationships with siblings, indecision, fear of risk. There may be talents in the arts, writing and preaching.

The owner of 4th houses

Karmic relationships and debts to the mother. Difficulties in the natural expression of feelings.

The owner of the 5th house

Difficulties with conceiving and giving birth to children may not be the desire to have children or a complex, karmic relationship with them.

The owner of the 6th house

Enemies / debts / illnesses may be related to past lives. But in general, a good situation, because the performance of this house is weakening.

The owner of the 7th house

Delays in marriage, unwillingness to start a family, karmic relationship with a man. Life expectancy is determined.

The owner of the 8th house

Problems in the sexual sphere, secret connections with karmic partners. Can be involved in intrigue, manipulation. Life expectancy is determined.

The owner of the 9th house

Karmic relationship with father, Guru. An unusual, unique approach to religion, higher knowledge. Indecision and learning difficulties.

The owner of 10 houses

Difficulties in choosing your career, and on the path to career growth. But it can be very successful if you make an effort.

The owner of the 11th house

Delays in fulfilling desires, little ambition. Karmic older relatives or friends.

The owner of 12 houses

Less costs. You need to learn to let go of everything (according to the signs of the planet - the owner of the house), may be due to past travel to distant lands.